Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey is a collegiate ice hockey team representing Pennsylvania State University. Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey is a popular collegiate team representing Pennsylvania State University.

With a rich history and a strong tradition of excellence, the program has gained a loyal fan base and continues to attract talented players from around the country. The team competes at the Division I level in the Big Ten Conference, one of the most competitive conferences in college hockey.

Known for their dynamic style of play and passionate fan support, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has become a force to be reckoned with in the collegiate hockey landscape. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or simply curious about the sport, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey provides exciting and high-quality entertainment on the ice.

History Of Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has a rich and fascinating history that showcases the team’s growth and success. From its early years to its transition to NCAA Division I, the team has evolved to become a powerhouse in collegiate ice hockey.

Early Years

In the early years, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey was a club sport, competing in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). Although not officially recognized by the NCAA, the team garnered a loyal fanbase and achieved remarkable success.

  • The team’s commitment to excellence led them to four consecutive ACHA National Championships from 2000 to 2003.
  • With each victory, the program gained recognition and support from the university and its fans.
  • This success laid the foundation for the team’s future transition to NCAA Division I.

Transition To Ncaa Division I

Thanks to the growing popularity and success of Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey, the university made the decision to elevate the program to NCAA Division I status. This transition marked a significant milestone in the team’s history.

  1. The official announcement came in 2010, and the team began competing in the Division I level in the 2012-2013 season.
  2. The upgrade to NCAA Division I brought with it new challenges and opportunities for the team to excel on a national stage.
  3. The program made a statement in its inaugural NCAA Division I season by defeating top-ranked opponents and making a compelling case for its place among the elite college hockey programs.
  4. The team’s success continued to grow, attracting top talent and capturing the attention of hockey enthusiasts across the country.

Since the transition to NCAA Division I, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, consistently ranking among the top teams in the nation. The program’s journey from a successful club sport to a respected NCAA Division I program is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players, coaches, and fans who have supported the team throughout its history.

Penn State Men'S Ice Hockey


Success Of Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has experienced immense success over the years, making them a force to be reckoned with in the NCAA. The team’s remarkable achievements in NCAA Tournaments and Conference Titles speak volumes about their dedication and skill.

Achievements In Ncaa Tournaments

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has consistently made their mark in NCAA Tournaments, leaving a lasting impression on their opponents and fans alike. The team has risen to the occasion, showcasing their exceptional talent and determination.

  • In the 2012-2013 season, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey made their debut in the NCAA Tournament, making history as the newest Division I team to qualify.
  • They continued to build on their success, returning to the NCAA Tournament in the 2016-2017 season and advancing to the Quarterfinals.
  • The team’s remarkable performance in the 2017-2018 season led them to their best NCAA Tournament run yet, reaching the Elite Eight.
  • With their unwavering commitment and drive to succeed, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has become a formidable presence in NCAA Tournaments, constantly striving for greatness.

Conference Titles

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has made a resounding impact in their conference, earning several coveted conference titles. Their dominance and skill have been recognized by their peers and have firmly established the team as one of the top contenders in the conference.

Season Conference Title
2016-2017 Big Ten Regular Season Champions

In the 2016-2017 season, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey proved their prowess by clinching the Big Ten Regular Season Championship. This remarkable achievement showcased the team’s ability to consistently perform at the highest level and solidified their place among the conference elite.

With a track record of success in NCAA Tournaments and conference titles under their belt, Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has undoubtedly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. The team’s dedication, skill, and unyielding determination have propelled them to the top of the college ice hockey landscape.

Penn State Players In The Nhl

Penn State Players in the NHL:

Penn State has produced numerous talented hockey players who have gone on to play in the National Hockey League (NHL). These players have not only showcased their skills on the collegiate level but have also made a significant impact in the professional hockey world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable alumni from Penn State and their contributions to the NHL.

Notable Alumni:

Over the years, Penn State has become a breeding ground for exceptional hockey talent, with several players making their mark in the NHL. Some of the notable alumni include:

  • Casey Bailey: Bailey, a former Penn State forward, made his NHL debut in the 2015-2016 season with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Known for his speedy skating and offensive prowess, Bailey has continued to impress with his performance in the professional league.
  • Erik Autio: Autio, a defenseman for Penn State, signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Philadelphia Flyers in 2018. His solid defensive skills and ability to generate offense from the blue line have made him a valuable asset for his team in the NHL.
  • Andrew Sturtz: Sturtz, another former forward for the Nittany Lions, signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Ottawa Senators in 2018. Known for his gritty play and scoring touch, Sturtz has proven to be a reliable presence on the ice in the professional league.

Impact On Professional Hockey:

The presence of Penn State players in the NHL has had a considerable impact on the professional hockey scene. Their talent, dedication, and hard work have not only elevated the reputation of the university’s hockey program but have also helped raise the profile of college hockey as a whole.

These players have brought a unique style of play and a winning mentality to the NHL, showcasing the skills they honed during their time at Penn State. Their success on the professional stage has inspired younger players to pursue their dreams and consider the collegiate route as a stepping stone to the NHL.

Additionally, the success of Penn State players in the NHL has generated increased visibility and interest in the university’s hockey program. It has attracted top-tier recruits to continue the tradition of excellence, ensuring a bright future for Penn State ice hockey.

Penn State Men'S Ice Hockey


Culture And Fanbase

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey has a rich culture and a passionate fanbase that make the game day experience truly unforgettable. From beloved traditions to unwavering support and impressive attendance, the culture surrounding Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey is unparalleled.


The team’s longstanding traditions contribute to the unique atmosphere at Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey games. One of the most notable traditions is the Puck Drop, where a prominent figure or a special guest drops the puck at the start of the game. This moment symbolizes the significance and excitement that surrounds each match, and sparks enthusiasm among fans.

Another cherished tradition is the “Penn State Power Play,” where the crowd chants the iconic phrase in unison to rally behind the team when they are on a power play. This energetic display of support creates a sense of unity and a deafening roar that echoes throughout the arena.

Furthermore, the Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey team has a time-honored post-game salute. After every home win, the players skate towards the student section and raise their sticks to acknowledge the support they receive from their fans. This authentic display of gratitude from the team further strengthens the bond between players and supporters.

Support And Attendance

The support and attendance for Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey is truly remarkable. The team consistently draws in a fervent crowd, creating an electric atmosphere that motivates the players and fuels their determination. The enthusiastic support of the fans is evident in the sea of blue and white adorned throughout the cheering stands.

During the home games, the arena, affectionately known as “Hockey Valley,” is usually packed to the brim with devoted fans, showcasing their unwavering loyalty. The community’s commitment to the team extends beyond the arena, as fans eagerly follow the team’s progress, both in-season and during the offseason.

The record-breaking attendance at Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey games exemplifies the dedicated fanbase. Since the team’s inception in 2012, Penn State enjoys one of the highest average attendance figures across all of college hockey. Fans from all walks of life come together to celebrate and support the team, creating an atmosphere that is second to none.

Facilities And Training

Penn State University is home to a top-tier Men’s Ice Hockey program with state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous training programs. The combination of stellar facilities and advanced training opportunities contributes substantially to the team’s success. Let’s delve into the outstanding features of Penn State’s ice hockey facilities and the elite training programs they offer.

Pegula Ice Arena

The Pegula Ice Arena is the beating heart of Penn State’s ice hockey program. Its modern amenities, including two ice sheets, cutting-edge training facilities, and a seating capacity of over 5,000, provide an unparalleled environment for the team’s growth and development. The arena’s design prioritizes both player development and fan experience, creating an electric atmosphere that motivates the players and captivates the audience.

Training Programs

Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey team offers comprehensive training programs designed to enhance the players’ skills and physical conditioning. The team’s commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement is evident in the diverse array of training regimens offered. From on-ice skill development sessions to off-ice strength and conditioning programs, every aspect is meticulously tailored to maximize the players’ potential and performance on the ice.

Penn State Men'S Ice Hockey


Frequently Asked Questions On Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey

Is Penn State Men’s Hockey D1?

Yes, Penn State men’s hockey is Division 1 (D1) in the NCAA.

Does Penn State Have Club Ice Hockey?

Yes, Penn State has a club ice hockey team.

Who Is The Blue Hair Guy Penn State Hockey?

The blue-haired guy at Penn State hockey games is one of the team’s passionate fans known for his unique style.

Does Penn State Have A Women’s Ice Hockey Team?

Yes, Penn State does have a women’s ice hockey team. They compete at the NCAA Division I level.


Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey is an exhilarating sport that showcases the team’s passion, determination, and skill on the ice. With a dedicated coaching staff and a talented roster of players, the team continues to make waves in the collegiate hockey scene.

Their commitment to excellence fuels their relentless pursuit of victories, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with. Witnessing the fast-paced action and electrifying atmosphere of a Penn State hockey game is an experience like no other. So, grab your tickets and join the roar of the crowd as you cheer on the Nittany Lions!