An official ice hockey puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter. Hockey pucks are made of vulcanized rubber and are frozen before use to ensure their hardness and durability on the ice.

Ice hockey is a fast-paced and intense sport that requires precision and accuracy. Along with the hockey stick, the hockey puck plays a vital role in the game. But have you ever wondered about the size and dimensions of a hockey puck?

The official size of a hockey puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter. The puck is made of vulcanized rubber, which becomes hard and durable after freezing. We will take a closer look at the size and weight of a hockey puck and how it is made. We will also explore the history and evolution of the hockey puck. So, let’s get started!

Hockey Puck Size: Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds!


Standard Hockey Puck Dimensions

The standard size for a hockey puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter.

When it comes to ice hockey, the puck is a vital piece of equipment. In professional play, there are specific regulations that dictate the puck’s size, weight, and materials. The following section will focus on the standard hockey puck dimensions, including size in inches and millimeters, weight in ounces and kilograms, and circumference in inches.

Size In Inches

The NHL states that the official size of a hockey puck should be one inch thick and three inches in diameter. This standard size is also used in most international competitions and many recreational leagues.

Size In Millimeters

For those who prefer metric measurements, the standard size of a hockey puck is 76.2 millimeters in diameter and 25.4 millimeters in height.

Weight In Ounces

The weight of a regulation hockey puck is between 5.5 and 6 ounces. This weight ensures that the puck can travel quickly and accurately across the ice.

Weight In Kilograms

For metric users, the weight of a standard hockey puck is between 156 and 170 grams.

Circumference In Inches

The circumference of a hockey puck is approximately 9.5 inches. This circumference ensures that the puck can fit easily in a player’s hand and is a comfortable size for shooting and passing.

In conclusion, the standard hockey puck dimensions are essential to the sport of ice hockey. These regulations ensure that the puck is suitable for play and helps maintain the game’s fairness and safety.

History Of Hockey Pucks

Hockey players all around the world rely on the hockey puck as the centerpiece of the game. The puck is the heart of the game, and it plays an essential role in the game. It is important to understand the history of hockey pucks, how they were invented, and how they have evolved throughout time. This article is going to cover all of the ins and outs of the history of hockey pucks.

Invention Of The First Puck

The first hockey pucks were not made of rubber as they are now. Instead, they were made using frozen cow dung. However, this became cumbersome to play with and did not last long. The game’s governing body decided to create a new puck that was easy to slide across the ice and wouldn’t break apart easily. The first hockey puck was patented in 1876 by William F. Robertson and was made of a rubber-like material.

Evolution Of Puck Materials

The hockey puck has seen many modifications since its inception. The hard rubber puck that is commonly used today wasn’t introduced until the 1940s. The composition of the puck has also changed, with more durable materials like vulcanized rubber used in modern-day pucks. Nowadays, the puck’s manufacturing process has become more sophisticated, involving multiple layers and strict quality control standards.

Where To Buy Hockey Pucks

Looking for places to buy hockey pucks? The standard size for a hockey puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter. You can find a range of official-sized hockey pucks online at popular retailers such as Amazon. com, Ball Pro, and Pure Hockey.

Looking for Where to Buy Hockey Pucks? Look no further! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, finding the right hockey puck can make all the difference in your gameplay. Here are four top picks for hockey pucks that you can purchase online:

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Regulation Size Soft Foam Hockey Puck – $1.38

Looking for a softer option? This Regulation Size Soft Foam Hockey Puck is perfect for those who want to avoid the hard impact of a traditional puck. It comes in green and conforms to official size regulations.

Bulk Blank Ice Hockey Pucks – $24.99

For coaches or those who play frequently, getting a bulk set of pucks is a great investment. This set comes with 12 blank ice hockey pucks that are ready for customization.

Whether you’re in the market for an official NHL puck or a softer foam option, these four choices offer top quality at a range of prices. So why wait? Get your pucks today and skate your way towards success!

Hockey Puck Size: Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds!


Frequently Asked Questions On Hockey Puck Size

What Size Is The Nhl Puck?

The NHL puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter.

What Is The Size Of A Hockey Puck And Weight?

The standard size of a hockey puck is one inch thick and three inches in diameter. It weighs between 5. 5 and 6 ounces.

What’s The Circumference Of A Hockey Puck?

A hockey puck has a circumference of approximately 8. 5 to 9 inches or 21. 5 to 22. 9 centimeters.

What Is The Diameter Of A Puck?

The diameter of a hockey puck is three inches.


Selecting the right size and weight for a hockey puck is vital to ensure your game is played effectively. From the NHL to novices and kids, there are different puck specifications depending on the level of play. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, knowing the exact dimensions of a hockey puck and the material it is made of is crucial.

With this guide to Hockey Puck Size, you can make sure that you have the perfect puck for your game every time!